Kim Eller

Kimberly Eller
STEM Education
TSA Sponsor
Room:  Career Academy 833

Contact Information
    Phone: 931-836-3214
    Times:  Planning Times and After 3:00

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
STEM Education is a new program of study designed for students interested in the exciting careers available in the high-demand fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  This program is uniquely structured to offer students an overview of STEM fields, occupations, and applications in the first year, followed by more specialized study of scientific inquiry or engineering design process in subsequent years, culminating in a portfolio and internship experience.

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Fall 2017
1st Block - Planning
2nd Block - Jobs for TN Grads
3rd Block - STEM 1
4th Block - STEM 2
5th Block - STEM 3

Spring 2018
1st Block - STEM 2
2nd Block - Jobs for TN Grads
3rd Block - Planning
4th Block - STEM 3
5th Block - STEM 1

All course standards can be found on the TN Dept of Education Website

All students will be using Google Classroom for assignments and notifications.