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Jennifer Spivey

English 11-American Literature 
 Content Reading 10 / English 10
Welcome to my section of the White County High School website. I teach English 11-American Literature and Content Reading 10/English 10 here at WCHS. 

English 11-American Literature is my favorite literature course to teach, because as I tell my students, this is OUR literature, where OUR country came from, where OUR country is going. I can't imagine a more diverse, interesting body of literature & ideas to explore! 

Content Reading 10/English 10 are other favorite courses to teach given the variety of subject matter and literature. In both semesters of 10th grade English, I get to learn and explore texts such as To Kill A Mockingbird and various fiction and non-fiction pieces alongside my students and grapple with the many issues and concepts these pieces bring up. Content Reading 10/English 10 provide a bevy of opportunities for inquiry and discussion on a variety of topics and I can't wait to delve in. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at school either by phone (931) 836-3214, or by e-mail at jennifer.spivey@whitecoschools.net. 

Spring 2016 Class Schedule: 

1st block: English 10
2nd block: English 11
3rd block: Planning 
4th Block: English 10 

Contact Information: 
E-mail: jennifer.spivey@whitecoschools.net
School Phone: 931-836-3214
Planning Period: 3rd Block (11:30-1:20)