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Scott Carmichael

Welcome to my class! I am a graduate of Tennessee Tech University with a B.S. in Political Science and an M.A. in Curriculum & Instruction. I am currently working toward a M.A. in International Relations from American University, concentrating on U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security. 

I love teaching U.S. Government & Civics because I feel that this is a course that can truly have an impact on students once they graduate and go out into the world to become productive citizens. 

United States Government & Civics
Room: 214

Course Description: Students will study the purposes, principles, and practices of American government as established by the Constitution. Students are expected to understand their rights and responsibilities as citizens and how to exercise these rights and responsibilities in local, state, and national government. Students will learn the structure and processes of the government of the state of Tennessee and various local governments. 

Tennessee Academic Standards: